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The Importance of Wristwatches in Our Everyday Lives


Whether you are wearing a Patek Philippe Automatic watch or one of Audemars Piguet’s collections, there is no denying that wristwatches are important and they are definitely here to stay (despite naysayers stating that they are going to be extinct anytime soon).

Wearing a wristwatch is definitely important in our everyday lives and in this article, I will cite the reasons why that is the case.

Keep Track of Time

This is the most important feature of a wristwatch in that it is a device that can tell the time and it is pretty good at that. Even the most inexpensive quartz watches can tell the time in the most accurate way possible.

Now, some people would argue that smartwatches are better in timekeeping than the traditional watch and that is because people can use the internet to know exactly what time it is in their area. Although this is definitely a unique feature, can your smartphone tell you the time in the most convenient way possible?

What I mean to say is for you to know what time it is when using a smartphone, a typical scenario would be that you have to whip out the device from your pocket just for it to tell you the current time. This is quite cumbersome, especially if your hands are busy carrying so many different things.

With a watch, timekeeping is definitely so much easier and more convenient. Even if you are carrying a lot of things, a simple glance on your wrist could provide you with the feature that you need.

Great Fashion Accessories

Never in the history of smartphones has there ever been a person whose attire is fashioned based on the smartphone they are using. In other words, no one has ever tailed their attires to match their smartphones. That cannot be said for wristwatches.

A wristwatch can be quite a fashionable piece. In fact, it is the only accessory that any man can wear fashionably no matter what the event is.

Dress watches are great because they have a more subdued appearance which only accentuates the attire you are wearing.

Of course, for casual events, you have the luxury of wearing a timepiece using a leather strap or even a colorful textile strap if you want.

It Shows Status

A watch is also a status symbol as well. I want you to turn your attention to artists and businessmen. You will find that they are wearing such sophisticated timepieces and that is because the watch you are wearing can tell other people your status in life.

Even if it looks simple on the surface, a watch that is made by prominent Swiss watchmaking companies like Rolex and Patek Philippe can certainly turn the heads of many onlookers.

Quality Investment

Although you can get an inexpensive watch for less than $200, a watch can also be luxurious as well. Similar to what I’ve said above, watches can be quite a quality investment that will surely stand the test of time (no pun intended).