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Choosing A Hotel On Your Next Business Trip In Melaka


Going to Melaka is like going to a museum. Being colonized by several nations like the Dutch and the Brits, you’ll definitely see their influence in the culture and in the architecture of the city.

Being the city in the middle of the new and old traditions is like getting your first-hand lesson in Malaysian history.

But if you’re going to Melaka for business, then you’ll probably want to see these tips so you can choose something that’s right for your need

Check for reviews

Make sure the hotel has some good reviews online. You’re probably going to be doing some business in this hotel so make sure it can keep up to your standards. Reviews from people who also went to Melaka for business is what you should look for as your needs may vary from someone who’s just there for pleasure. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t squeeze in some fun and pleasure on the side. There are several Melaka girl escort that you can hire when you’re feeling a bit stressed out.

Find a hotel that offers all you need

Some hotels may offer a lot more than just a space to rest. Look for hotels that provide all the things that you may want in one place such as a bar, a coffee shop, and a restaurant. These are all convenient when you’re rushing from one meeting to another. A hotel with a fully equipped business center is an ultimate win if you can score one.
While Melaka is known for its tourist attractions, some hotels there can still cater to people looking to do business there.

Look for a business-friendly hotel

Some hotel rooms are the perfect fit for business people because they offer services like printing, ironing, and even a meeting room. After all, forgetting to bring something in your luggage is part of traveling. Don’t you want a hotel that just has what you need, when you need it?

Find one with car and shuttle services

You probably won’t be bothered by public transportation if you’re there for business so it’s best if you look for a hotel that offers a shuttle and car services when you need it. It makes all the difference when you’re rushing out because  you forgot about that one meeting outside of the city.

Unlimited and free Wi-Fi is a must

This is a no brainer for business people. The majority of the hotels will offer complimentary Wi-Fi service, but you have to ensure that they’re working properly. You also have to check if it’s unlimited or if you have a bandwidth restriction. A dropped call during a video conference with your boss is not a good look.

Security should be a priority

If you’re there for official business you don’t want other people bothering you and knowing what you’re doing. Treat security as a top priority at all times. Being hacked is not a problem you’d want to have when you’re halfway around the world. Make sure that the elevators are key activated so you’re sure that only hotel guests are permitted to usethem. A vault inside your room is an additional security feature you’d want.