10 Tips for Effective E-Commerce Web Design that Brings You Sales


What makes an e-commerce website user-friendly? Well, that can be attributed to the overall customer experience. And, to provide that excellent user experience, you will need to follow some good web design principles.

Today, I am going to give you tips to help you create a more effective website that actually brings you sales.

Put Yourself in Your Customers’ Shoes

If you were to purchase from an online shop, what do you think are the things that it needs to have in order for you to have a good experience?

Keeping the user in mind by actually putting yourself in your customers’ shoes will allow you to make decisions that will help improve the user experience.

If you follow good web design principles, people will actually buy from you and it will also encourage repeat sales as well.

Use a Simple Web Design

If you think that a heavily cluttered website that is replete with all of the navigation stuff that you can handle is good web design, think again.

There is a reason why people prefer simple ecommerce website and that is because it helps them navigate the site a lot quicker. So, instead of creating an e-commerce site with all of the bells and whistles; try going for a simpler approach.

Add a View Cart Button

When people browse your website for potential things they want to buy, they will usually just use the “Add to Cart” feature until they head for the checkout. But, people might have put a lot of stuff in their carts and they might not know what exactly they’ve put in.

This is why you need to add a “View Cart” feature that will allow them to look at the items that they’ve put in it; similar to an actual physical cart in the grocery store.

Honesty with Regards to Pricing

Never trick your customers by imposing hidden fees as this will definitely annoy them- prompting them to never come back. That is why you need to be honest with the pricing.

This means that they should see their total bill, as well as the shipping costs, and other miscellaneous fees and they should be prominently indicated on the screen.

Don’t Add Distracting Elements

Most online entrepreneurs mistakenly add pop-ups to their sites which can distract their customers from purchasing. When done enough times, it will annoy your customers and they will most likely never return.

So instead of adding a popup to encourage them to sign-up to your mailing list, only include that after they have purchased.

Add High-Quality Photos

People do not know what you’re selling as they do not have the physical product on hand. They cannot even test it unlike in a conventional brick-and-mortar shop.

That is why you need to put it upon yourself to provide them with some high-quality photos so that they will know exactly what it is they’re going to buy.

Add User Reviews

Social proof is one of the best ways for you to convince customers that you are a trustworthy online store that provides only the best products possible. Always add them on your product pages so that they will know the experiences and testimonials from other real users.

Easy Site Navigation

When your customers stumble upon your website, they should be able to easily navigate through your website. You can do this by implementing a much simpler navigation scheme- complete with menus and an easy to read interface.

Keep Things Organized

If you sell multiple products, make sure that you organize them by categories so that it will be much easier for your customers to see what you’re selling.

Implement a Search Bar

If you already have a massive product catalog, adding a search functionality can really help.

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