Web Design

Web Design Errors You Should not Commit


Non-Responsive Sites

It’s great if when you open it on a computer, your site works perfectly. But Mobile users should never be forgotten. Nearly everyone nowadays uses their own mobile phone to access the Internet. So you should always pay attention to how mobile phones open your website. Whether it can’t open loads or some parts, or specific links are unclickable etc. Mind that a lot of research has shown that with the help of their mobile devices, people access the Internet more often than not, rather than laptops or computers.

Slow-Loading Sites

The statistics show that the majority of people don’t want to wait for the site to load for more than 5 seconds. If it is slow, the majority will just close it in search of speedier variants. This will have a negative impact on the bounce rate, and overall on your business. This often happens due to unskilled developers or web design agencies. If the webpage is overloaded with various images, animation, and videos, it might be too heavy. While working on the creation of the website, always bear in mind that simplicity and minimalism are the key to successful web design.

Videos over Texts

Yes, your website must be interactive and involve making people stay on it as long as possible to access the information you intend to share (for example, the top-rated resume writing services), buy your products (such as handmade jewelry or home-baked sweets) or services, etc. But if there are tons of different videos and no text to appeal to users, in most cases this is useless. You still need to reach your audience with written text, in reality.

Not Enough Header Tags

The next flaw to prevent is avoiding the use of headings. Please bear in mind that they must arrange according to their intent across different layers. They make the experience of the users on your site both positive and successful. Why? For what? Since browsing the website is simpler, accessing the data is easier and searching the information more easily. Those elements have a positive influence on the perception of people.

No Contact Details

Your website is clearly there to serve a specific purpose. If you raise money for charity, share your thoughts and feelings in your blog or want to sell something, you need to get feedback in any situation, doesn’t matter. That is why it is important to put contact information and make it easy to find them. Seek also to have various sources with which visitors can keep in touch with you. For example, mention your email and phone number or add a link to your social media accounts.

Colors and Contrasts

Be wary of this one. If the platform is visually unattractive, in a matter of seconds, 99 percent of visitors can abandon it. For significant parts of web pages, do not use too bright colours. For example, mixing bright red and yellow colors is a big mistake. Or make the text grey while it’s black background. If you feel you may be facing difficulties with color combinations or have problems with contrast, read Laura Elizabeth’s book “A Simple Web Developer’s Color Guide” to clear up quite a few things.

Unorganized Content

If there’s a lot of text on the site, nobody will read it. In today’s world the users are lazy. They want to get information as quickly as possible, without a lot of effort. So it’s all to be organized in such a way that the user doesn’t even notice the bulk of information he or she finds. How can that be done, especially if there is so much data to share? The answer is straightforward–use tables, pie charts, presentations. Provide bullet dot lists. A lot of techniques exist to reduce the number of words that provide the same useful info.

Non-Interactive Sites

This is again about purpose. As mentioned above, each site has its own purpose. You always have to make sure it calls the users to practice. For example, if it’s an online shop, make sure there are eye-catching images, explanations of your product’s beneficial features, positive feedbacks from customers and the very BUY NOW button.

No SEO Skills

In order to be on the first page of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., the site needs to use specific SEO methods. Keywords, for example, will push your site higher as people type it and access your website to boost traffic statistics figures. In addition, the updated information can also multiply the number of users, so you can employ a freelance writer and create and run a blog that will be connected to your site’s area.

Faulty Links

This mistake is often made before the site’s launch due to lack of time. It must however be carefully analyzed and stopped. If there are connections that don’t work, a customer would automatically think of your service as a scam, or just not as a reliable source that doesn’t offer a reputable service or quality product. This will leave your site to the visitors.

All in all, there are far more errors to prevent when building a web. Nonetheless, the ones mentioned above need to be taken very carefully as people tend to make them more frequently. So re-read the list and note what to think of next time you complete the site.