Things to Consider When Choosing an Architect


1. Ask a friend or family member for recommendations.

As much as possible, you want to hire the best professional from a top architecture company in Malaysia. Do you know someone jo just recently had a home renovation work? Then, this person would be the best one to ask regarding this. Ask if the architect is very easy to work with, and if their firm has affordable rates.

2. Do a simple research online.

Sometimes, all it takes is Google. Search online for architecture firms and architects that can offer the services you require. There are many online databases that list down the best firms and architects in a specific area. Whether you are looking into land surveying or a bath design, you will surely find one.

3. Ask for comparable references to your new project.

Ask the architect if he or she can show you any similar work that they have done before. Once the architect shows it to you, ask how his or her team can integrate the same ideas in your project. What are the challenges that may arise? Think about the scope of the entire project, most especially if there is the change to add more elements.

4. Ask about the people you will work with directly.

Will you be working directly with the architect you just had a meeting with? Bigger companies sometimes send their lead architects to first meetings, but later on assign junior architects to handle the job. If you are not satisfied with their response, try to negotiate the terms.

5. Be candid and communicative about the design that you want.

Work with a professional you can trust, and feel comfortable with. Hiring an architect is not easy, so be careful with this one. Choose an architect who can carry out your goals and vision well. Good communication is the key to an amazing partnership.