Exciting Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur


A lot of people are mistaken when it comes to Kuala Lumpur. They say that there are not a lot of things you can do in Malaysia’s capital city, but that is actually far from the truth. In fact, there are plenty of things that you can do and a week or so will not even cover all of them. Whether you are going to some historical sites, watch the monkeys, get KL Girl Escort in Malaysia, or just sample some of their multi-cultural food, there is definitely something for everyone.

Today, however, I am going to talk about the top things that you can do in Kuala Lumpur.

Visit the Kampung Baru Neighborhood

Malaysia has been colonized by three different European giants and it is evident in the buildings that were built on its capital city. Having said that, there are still some homes that were built with original Malaysian architecture and those houses can be found in the Kampung Baru neighborhood.

Honestly, despite its age, it is actually pretty nice. The houses that you can see is something relatively new from my experience simply because I am accustomed to the new design and architecture that people make now.

I’ve heard that the neighborhood is going to be demolished in a couple of years at the time of writing this article so if you want to look at the old Malaysian houses, you definitely have to go to the said neighborhood anytime soon.

Take a Magical Boat Ride on the Selangor River

Watching a group of fireflies at night is quite a magical experience and thankfully, you can also have that experience in Malaysia.

By just going to Selangor River and taking a boat ride there, you will be greeted by these amazing creatures and you could say that it is indeed magical and romantic. However, keep in mind that the said river is quite far away from the main city and it takes 1 hour before you can arrive at the place.

Not to mention, you will have to coordinate with a driver to help bring you back to the city since the main transportation in the place only operates until 6 PM.

Interact with Monkeys at Melawati Hill

I am never a fan of looking at Monkeys but because the trip to Selangor River would always make a stop at Melawati Hill, you could say that I had no choice. But, despite the non-excitement at first, I was actually quite fond of the silver leaf monkeys, especially the baby monkeys. Just make sure that you do not try to feed them when you are in the place as it will put their diet out of whack.

Take on Some Cooking Classes

Malaysia is also known as a cultural melting pot simply because the foods and the items that you can buy from the country are inspired by different ethnicities.That being said, there are many cooking classes that you can take on depending on which food culture you want to focus your attention on. I suggest that you do since they are very inexpensive and you can actually learn how to cook your favorite Malaysian dishes, among others.

Eat Your Way to Jalan Alor

The last thing that you should definitely do while you’re in Malaysia is to eat your way to Jalan Alor. Also known as their premiere street food strip, Jalan Alor is host to a number of different hawker food stalls and restaurants. Seriously, you could get fat just eating the myriad of foods that you can find in this place!