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Dive Watch Maintenance: 6 Simple Tips


1. Clean the bezel.

The area around the watch bezel must be cleaned regularly, most especially after a long trip. Dirt like sand and other debris may get in during your adventures. The dirt, as well as water, can tighten the bezel, and prevent it from moving perfectly. If something goes wrong, you might have a hard time replacing it.

2. Don’t shake your dive watch.

A diver watch is a timepiece designed for diving, not for shaking. Feel free to go on an underwater adventure while wearing it. Shaking it would scramble its internal machinations. This results to complications, and soon, your watch would stop working. As a general rule, don’t shake your watch too much, whether or not it is shock resistant.

3. Establish a watch servicing routine.

If you don’t care for it well, your diver watch wouldn’t last for many decades. Maintain a regular routine service check every 1 to 2 years. This is crucial to maintain its condition.

4. Understand the watch’s water resistance limit.

Understand the level of water resistance your diver watch can take. In theory, those dive watches which are ISO 6425 certified can withstand around 125% of their limit. However, taking into account the temperature, water condition, your movements and environment, it can be unstable. Thus, it’s not really advisable to go over its written limit.

5. Clean your diver watch properly.

Whether you are an experienced or newbie watch collector, watch care is a crucial matter to know about. There are tons of mechanical watches in Malaysia, and all of them require a regular watch maintenance routine. Interior cleaning must always be done by professionals. Meanwhile, external cleaning can be done by the owner. You can do it using a mild detergent and soft toothbrush.

6. Avoid collision and contact with hard surfaces.

Be careful of your movements each time you wear your watch. If you are walking by a narrow passage, don’t swing your arm too much. You wouldn’t want your watch to scrape the wall. It’s best to keep a quality watch box that can protect the watch from unintentional damages when you are not wearing it.