CIGA Watchers

Choosing the Right Watch


Wrist watches are not as common as they used to be decades back. However, there are still plenty of men who love wearing them. For men, a watch is a primary accessory that they can match with their personalities. Are you thinking of getting a new mechanical watch in Malaysia?

No matter what type of watch you are looking for, make sure to pick one that is classic, versatile and sophisticated.

Here are some of the most popular watches you should look into.

1. Diver Watches

Diver watches are specifically developed for underwater diving. These are usually worn brave marine women and men for leisure, and during rescue efforts

2. Dress Watches

Dress watches are simple timepieces that you can wear every day. If you are looking for something you can wear every single day, it’s best to avoid too much watch complications. All it can tell you is the time.

3. Chrono Watches

Sports watches, also known as chrono watches, are handy timepieces that can be worn during sports events. In some instances, people also use this as a dress watch. They are durable and sleek, and designed with quality components.

How to match your timepiece with style?

1. Business Dress Code

Whether you are going to a job interview or a business conference, opt for a simple and classic silver or gold watch. The complications must be minimal. You wouldn’t want to attract unwanted attention.

2. Level of Formality

Always match your watch to the occasion. If you are going to a formal event, you must wear a formal watch.

3. White Tie and Black Tie Events

Consider utmost simplicity in these events. Match a beautiful dress watch with a classic style leather band.