An Overview to Betting Accumulators


Accumulators encourage you to bundle four or more options into a single bet to achieve a higher return value. It’s one of the most common bets among fans of casual sports gambling, and assembling an acca can be great fun.

Nonetheless, due to a poor strategic approach, most punters come unstuck, so we’ve highlighted some important points to remember before leaving with your hard-earned cash.

Betting Accumulator Explained

An accumulator is a bet made up of multiple selections in a single wager. Instead of personally endorsing each one at lower odds, you merge them to gain higher chances of accumulation.

It increases your potential profit, but there’s a catch: for your gamble to pay off, everyone has to win. If you are left with one choice, your bet will crash and burn.

You might want the look of these bets on a particular weekend:

  • Rafa Nadal beat Marin Cilic at one and a third.
  • To beat Denis Shapovalov at 4/6, Alexander Zverev.
  • At 11/10, Naomi Osaka defeated Coco Gauff.
  • For beat Karolina Pliskova at 6/4, Johanna Konta.

If you bet £10 on each one as a single wager, and all four predictions prove to be correct, you would earn a profit of £37.67 from your £40 stake. However, if you combine them into an acca, your profit would be a much more impressive £486 from a £40 stake.

If just one player lets you down, your bet is busted, but the potential returns are far higher, which is why so many punters love accas.

A bet featuring two selections is referred to as a double, three is a treble, and four or more is considered an accumulator. The more legs you add to your acca, the greater the potential profit. You can combine selections from multiple sports into a single acca.

Strategize Using an Accumulator

Many punters like to adopt a consistent betting strategy that helps them on an ongoing basis to compile the best accumulator bet. These include:

  • Rolling together a nunber of favorites for low chances.
  • Selecting and adding a few underdogs that could change the odds.
  • Consistently betting on special bets such as the football score squads or total cricket scores.
  • Supporting strong teams with an edge at home for everyone to excel.
  • Sticking to some well-known leagues and tournaments.

How to Calculate an Accumulator Bet?

Accumulator wagering offers a tremendous opportunity to make high returns off a small stake for any sports fans who like to bet. The best way to calculate the accumulators’ potential payout is by translating the odds into decimal format. Sticking to the above example:

  • Rafa Nadal in 1/2= 1.5 to beat Marin Cilic.
  • To beat Denis Shapovalov at 4/6= 1.67, Alexander Zverev.
  • Coco Gauff beat Naomi Osaka at 11/10= 2.1.
  • Karolina Pliskova beat Johanna Konta at 6/4= 2.5.

For measure the total return, you simply multiply them together:

  • 1.5x 1.67x 2.1x 2.5= 13.15.
  • Your total return at the odds of 13.15 from a £ 40 stake would be £ 526.
  • Take off the £ 40 you’ve set aside and you’re left with a £ 486 gain.

Those interested in betting on digital accumulator would find that betting sites allow you to display odds in either fractional or decimal format. The site will also tell you when you place an acca what your potential return is on your betslip.

Making a Winning Accumulator

Sticking to what you think is the best advice. Reflect on some of the main sports or tournaments you’re familiar with and resist the temptation to strengthen your acca with strange and wonderful team selections you’ve never seen compete. Accumulator tips like these could help before you place a bet:

  • Avoid options with very low odds as they do little to raise the aggregate chances and your coupon might be bust by a freak outcome.
  • Keep away from high odds options as they can act as single bets.
  • Seek the sweet spot by creating and mixing options that provide a fair amount of value.
  • Be careful to add illustrations to accas.
  • As much as possible, stay with the home team.
  • Do not confine yourself to winner stocks, as you can choose from a variety of interesting special bets.
  • Do the work you are doing.

Until collecting the accumulator you should take advantage of a variety of online statistics. If you’re interested in football, you can find out how well each team has fared at home and abroad, how often both teams pay off in their games, how often matches featuring each team sees more than 2.5 goals, the head-to-head record between the teams, any injuries or suspensions, etc.

Just make blind bets. Do a lot of research and compile your acca from a position of knowledge with wise forecasts. You can also chuck full points bets, handicap bets, draw no bet options and all manner of different wagers into an acca, so find out all the available sports bets before making your choices.


You can benefit from some fantastic special offers when placing accumulators. One is acca insurance, which sees you get your money back if one leg lets you down. You often have to include five or more selections to enjoy this offer, and there might be a minimum price for each leg. Betfair Sports have excellent insurance offers.

The advantage is that for every leg you add to an acca you receive improved chances. When you put a 10Bet bet, you will get a 4% cash bonus on four-fold accumulators, a 5% five-fold raise, 10% on six-folds, up to 50% on 16-folds. For each range, the minimum odds must be 1/2 to apply. Over the years, Paddy Power Sports has also been running some enticing acca boosts.

You might have been wondering before, what is an accumulator bet? Now you know, it’s time for yourself to try it out. Roll over to the best betting sites for soccer today to give it a whirl.

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