7 Tried and Tested Tips for Bathing a Newborn


New parents are always afraid to try new things out on their newborn. Giving them a baby bath is definitely one of them. It could be challenging for first-time parents to do so, given that they can be squiggly, fidgety, and slippery when their bodies are wet.

But fear not! Giving your baby some cleaning is actually very easy if you know how to do it the right way. This article aims to provide you with some tried and tested tips for bathing a newborn.

Use a Sponge

It is important that you do not bathe your baby, at least, after two days of being born. After that short period of time, you can then proceed to bathe them, but only using a sponge.

Babies do not get dirty, especially when they are just a couple of days old. They are usually encased in this white substance known as Vernix that will act as a barrier that will keep harmful bacteria and germs at bay.

If you are going to give them a bath and they are just a couple of days old, just stick to using a sponge.

Timing is Crucial

Believe it or not, the time that you will give your baby a bath is actually more crucial than you think. Most seasoned parents, however, want to give their baby some cleaning time just an hour after their dinner and just a couple of minutes before bedtime.

Because you are going to use lukewarm water, that warmness can actually help them feel drowsy- priming them to fall asleep shortly after.

Use Tear-Free Bath Essentials

Baby’s skin is quite delicate and you want to make sure that you only give them the ones that are specifically made for their delicate structure.

That being said, using tear-free shampoo, coupled with organic baby soaps, provides a one-two combo that not only keeps your baby clean but also ensures that they do not cry shortly after bathing.

Prepare Everything Before You Begin

Whenever you bathe your baby, it is absolutely critical that you never leave them unattended. This means that you should give them your full and undivided attention when you clean them.

That being said, you should prepare everything beforehand. This includes all of the essentials like baby shampoo, baby soap, washcloths/sponge, towels, diapers, hairbrush, among other things.

Hire a Helper

This is only for first-time parents, especially those that do not have prior experience handling their friends’ or family members’ babies. Anyway, you should get the help of someone who knows their way to handle your newborn during bath time.

Now, when I say ‘hire a helper’, I do not mean that you should go out there and do something else. I mean that you should still watch over your baby and take some notes on how to properly do it.

Use a Bath Mat

Whenever your baby gets wet, they tend to be quite slippery. To prevent them from moving around too much, you can use a bath mat and place on the bathtub.

Check the Temperature

Lastly, your baby is best bathed in lukewarm water. If you put them in cold water, they might get colds shortly after bathing. If you put them in water that is too hot, it might damage their delicate skin. Lukewarm is somewhere in the middle, so make sure that you reach that temperature and maintain it.