7 Budget Travel Tips for First Timer


First time go travel? Don’t know how to travel with little budget? Want to travel without breaking your bank account? Here some solution for you to save money on your vacation.

1. Airfares
Plan your travel in advance in order for you to get better deals. You can visit discount or promo websites to see the better deal that offer by airlines company. Find the websites that compare the flight ticket from other sites to give you the great deal. Besides, you also can find the websites that offer promo code and points for you to collect. You also can choose to fly with connecting flight. You might think that connecting flight is troublesome but it is good to save your money.

2. Travel light
Travel light as possible as you can. Many airlines companies starting to charges customers that bring 2 bags or more. You may travel with backpacker’s style which is more convenient and can save your money to pay baggage charge. One more thing, you have to remember to not use oversized bag and try to bring only the important thing during your vacation on order to save your money from pay the baggage charge to the airlines company.

3. Cook for yourself
In order to save money during travel you are advised to cook for yourself during the trip. It not only good for your wallet but also for your stomach. When you cook yourself, it more assuring you the hygiene and nutrition of the food. You also have avoided from eating breakfast at hotel. It is because the breakfast at the hotel are expensive and it isn’t good as you cook by yourself. In addition, you are advised to eat more during lunch than dinner. The reason is the fancy lunch are cheaper than dinner. Besides, eating a lot during dinner are not healthy. It is healthier if you eat big breakfast and lunch, and a light dinner.

4. Transportation
If you are traveling to Europe, consider to travel with public transport. There are many metro and rails that offer you the 3 days unlimited passes which is more convenient and it can save your budget. Other than that, you also suggested to rent a car. You can drive by yourself because it cheaper than you take taxis. Besides, if you rent a car, you also can travel more relax without rushing to follow the public transport schedule. If you travel with kids, don’t forget to rent car seat. If you think to bring your own car seat, please think twice. As stated above, airlines company usually charging for extra luggage in order to help you to save budget, we advise you to just rent the car seat from the car rental company. It might be cheaper to just rent it from car rental company.

5. Accommodations
If you don’t mind to drive for another 10-15 minutes, we suggest you to stay at the smaller towns close to your location. Sometimes staying at small town are much less expensive than you stay at hotel in that town. Consider to take two bedroom suites instead of having two bedrooms. It can be cheaper than two rooms and you can get much privacy with your own room. One tip, you can ask the hotel management for a free upgrade that they can offer. Some hotel has free upgrade but customer have to ask about it.

6. Shopping
Shopping is one of the favorite activities especially for women but during travel you have to consider your budget when you want to buying something. Don’t worry, you still can be shopping if you using this tips during your vacation. You can shop at duty-free shop. Many airports have duty-free shop that you can shop without worry about the budget. it might not be the best deal but it can be considering as the least expensive option. Other than that, you also can consider to shop local. You will be surprise at how great and cheap it is. Some local shop can give you great discount when you good at bargaining.

7. Travel during off season
When you travel with limited budget, don’t go travel during the season because it can cost you double the cost of your budget. You are suggested to go travel during off season. It is cheaper and less crowded than the peak season. You might cannot experience the season, but you will get the best deal that they can offer you.