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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Good Wristwatch


Ever since I started working, I really do not mind what watch I wear. In fact, in my first year in the company, I bought myself a Seiko 5 watch and I actually regretted my purchase. Now, let me preface this by saying that the aforementioned timepiece is by no means a slouch. It is actually pretty nice, but it just doesn’t fit the corporate

So, I immersed myself in learning whatever I can about watches and I’ve found out that there are watches that are perfect for different occasions. Seiko 5s are more for active individuals as it is designed as a sports watch so I needed to find something else that will help me look more professional.

If you are going to buy a great watch for you, then read on to find out some things that you should consider before you make the purchase.

Buy a Watch Based on the Features that You Like

Although I said that the Seiko 5 is by no means a bad watch, it was a bad watch for my specific use-case. But, there is a reason why I chose it over the others because aside from the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing back then, I just chose something that I really love looking at.

Now, if you are buying a watch, you must first buy one that you really like based on the actual physical features of the watch. Take special consideration of these aspects:

  • Bezel design
  • Watch Face
  • Dial Color
  • Dial Design
  • Weight
  • Case Construction
  • Watch Movement
  • Markers and Hands Shape
  • And Other Features

Remember, it is ultimately you who is going to wear the watch so you want to buy something that you actually love wearing and not because you do not want to get the ire of your coworkers, friends, or family.

Buy One that Fits You

Just like clothing, you need to buy a watch that actually fits your entire wrist. Make sure that you measure your wrist first so that you can just tell the watch seller about your size. They will then be able to give you certain recommendations based on your measurements that will absolutely fit your wrist.

It is actually one of my pet peeves to see anyone who is wearing a watch that is bigger on their wrist. Overhang is the term used to refer to watches that go beyond a person’s wrist. Although there is an ongoing trend for bulkier watches, stay classy and choose one that truly fits your wrist.

Choose Your Ideal Strap

Choosing the right watchstrap depends upon two factors: comfort and style. Ideally, you want the most comfortable watchstrap for you. For instance, I am comfortable with a resin strap because it is very adjustable and it has a rugged design. But, that is not great to use for formal events, so I also buy one that has a different strap.

Stainless steel straps are the heaviest, but they are ideal for formal occasions. The same goes for leather straps but do keep in mind that you need extra time cleaning them in order for them to not stink due to sweat.

Consider the Functionality

Watches nowadays are built more than just an accessory that tells time. In fact, there are other functionalities that can truly make a watch standout.

I personally love the Chronograph feature of a watch because it makes the watch fit my wrist and at the same time, gives me additional features that I can use whenever I go for a walk or something.

If you are a diver, a watch with a rotating bezel might be more suited for your use-case because such a feature will allow you to know exactly how much oxygen you have left in the tank.

But, for formal occasions, it is best that you stick to a much simpler watch.


Of course, a buyer’s guide will not be complete without touching on the topic of price and budget. Depending on the watch that you want, you will have to set your own budget for this. Ideally, you want a watch that is at least $300 if you want it to last long, but if you can spend upwards of $1,000, that would be even better!